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Lemann-Stern Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Endowment Campaign

The Lemann-Stern Leadership Development Program was begun in 1960 for the purpose of training outstanding young men and women in the Greater New Orleans Jewish community for positions of leadership. Participants in the program are selected from self-nominations or nominations made by past Lemann-Stern participants and community leaders. The program is two years in length and includes a mission to Israel, monthly meetings and a retreat.

2014 marks the 54th (triple chai) anniversary of leadership development programming in Greater New Orleans. Graduates of the program have served on the boards of every Jewish agency, synagogue and organization in our community, and have used the knowledge gained from the program to benefit the wider New Orleans community as well. The Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans invites you to join us in our efforts to endow the program through the Leadership Development Endowment Campaign. Our goal—with your help—is to raise $1.5 million to:

• Expand the current 8 day mission to a 9 day mission, allowing program participants an additional day on the ground in Israel
• Cover the cost of an overnight retreat – which includes intensive leadership training – at no cost to program participants
• Create subsidies for Jewish Federations of North America Young Leadership or Young
Adult conference attendees
• Fund programming and the cost of a leadership development facilitator

Chaired by Kathy Shepard and Jonny Lake, the Leadership Development Endowment Campaign offers a special opportunity to those impacted by Lemann-Stern. There is no minimum gift. Interested in learning more? Click here.

Click here to make a gift to the Leadership Development Endowment Campaign.

More About the Program

Interfaith Couples:
All non-Jewish spouses are eligible to participate in the Lemann-Stern program.  Like the Jewish participants, they will receive subsidies to participate in the mission and all conferences and be recognized as completing the program by graduating. 

Regarding the requirement to serve as an intern, Jewish participants may serve on a Federation or Agency Board or a committee of the Federation.  Non-Jewish participants must serve on a committee of the Federation.  Federation committees include: Budget & Allocations, Community Relations, Planning or Education.  The internship program will be fully explained at one of the monthly meetings during the first year.

2013 - 2015 Lemann-Stern Class

Phil Brickman

Casie Davidson

Jared Davidson

Michael Dodd

David Dulitz

Kristen Dulitz

Nate Kanter

Emily Kupperman

Zach Kupperman

Adam Matasar

Katie Matasar
Meredith Petrone

Corey Rittvo

David Rittvo

Aaron Wolfson

Daliah Wolfson

Jeff Yellin



Lisa Heller

Gary Zoller


Staff Professional:

Sherri Tarr

2011 – 2013 Lemann-Stern Graduates

Asher Friend

Erin Friend

Jeff Good

Caroline Good

Eric Lonseth

Jedd Malish

Amy Malish

Lonnie Schaffer

Joanna Sternberg

Dan Weiner

Stacey Weinreb

Ginny Wise

Rachel Zoller



Richard Cahn

Joshua Force

Kathy Shepard


Staff Professional:

Sherri Tarr

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Want more information about this remarkable program?  Contact Sherri Tarr, Lemann-Stern Staff Professional.

Lemann-Stern 2007-2009 Class: Mission to Israel

Lemann-Stern Alumni

We also have an active Lemann-Stern Alumni group!  Click here for more information. Click here to view the list of Lemann-Stern classes from 1960 to the present.