Edie and Paul Rosenblum Gift of Israel Program

"In 1999, New Orleans became my home, in 2009, Jacobs became my home,  and in 2016, I finally felt what HaLevi meant when he wrote 'My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west.' In Israel, it was easy to forget that that wasn’t my life, but once reminded, it was easy to remember that it could be. I cannot imagine the person I would be today without this trip.


I am so incredibly appreciative of the anonymous donor and the Edie & Paul Rosenblum Gift of Israel program and I cannot thank the board enough for committing the funds. My time in Israel strengthened not only my Jewish identity, but my connection to the Jewish people. Thank you so, so much for providing me with this amazing experience. Without the donors I would not be standing in this room right now and I would not be the Jewish woman I am today."

- Rebecca Kornman, 2016 Participant

Dream of sending your high school student to Israel? Worried it might be too expensive?

One day, sooner than you expect, your child will become a teenager. A trip to Israel is one of the most important formative experiences in your child's Jewish development - and the Edie and Paul Rosenblum Gift of Israel Program can unlock this experience.


Together with the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans and area synagogues, your child's Israel experience is closer than you realize. One of the keenest goals of many Jewish parents is to help their child connect with Israel at a young age. There are many organized Israel teen trips each year originating from North America. Each brings its special brand of fun, excitement and learning to the teen Israel experience.


On any of these excellent trips, your child will have the opportunity to forge a very personal bond with Jewish history and ancestry, meet new people and make lasting friendships and absorb the incomparable feeling of Jewish community. An immersive, three-week long group trip to Israel creates a more lasting impact at a formative age. With the Edie and Paul Rosenblum Gift of Israel Program, you will not be alone in saving for such an opportunity—your synagogue and the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans will be contributing funds to make it more affordable for trip participants. Thanks to the Edie & Paul Rosenblum Gift of Israel program, along with a generous, anonymous donor, your child's transformative trip to Israel is far more affordable. 

Start building Jewish identity now to guarantee our Jewish future. Contact Michelle Neal (michelle@jewishnola.com) to learn more about the scholarship funds available for Israel programs for teens.


Ready to sign up? Want to learn more? Call Michelle Neal: (504) 780-5604.

"Thank you so much for funding part of my trip to Israel. I had a lot of fun and a very inspirational Jewish experience." - Ben Breaux, 2015 Participant

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