A Chanukah miracle

The following posting was prepared on 12/5/07 by Marcell Bar-On, a resident of Nir-Am, a small kibbutz community between Sderot and the Gaza Strip. For an earlier posting by Marcell about life under fire, click here.)

Dear All
We had a very close call this morning at 6.30 a.m., when a Kassam fell not 10 feet from where my son Gabi was asleep in his bed. We did not even succeed in getting to our little "safe spot" (no windows!) before the bomb hit. Fortunately (and this is our miracle!) the ground where the Kassam hit is soft from rain we had just a few days earlier; the bomb did not explode but penetrated the earth to a depth of about 5 feet. The police had to bring in a bulldozer to dig it out.
Had the bomb fallen just a week earlier, it would have exploded on impact.
Thank G-d nothing happened to my children; but this time it was really much too close for comfort. We are all very shaken up but decided to go to school anyway --  a wise decision as it kept us occupied and surrounded by the support of friends and colleagues.
I am attaching a photo I managed to take right after the bomb hit.
Hag Sameah
Marcell Bar-On
PS. The kids in the photo are Mayan and Gabi and the brown wooden fence in the background is where my house is.

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