For Olim, Memory Begets Trauma

Yuri Sohriansky is one of hundreds of olim who arrived in Israel from the crisis now raging in Ukraine. For him and his family, making aliyah was a blessing—if not for the help of The Jewish Agency for Israel, they would still be in Lugansk, fearing for their lives.


He recalls:

"The situation in Lugansk, where I was born, is terrible: shots heard everywhere, lack of food, lack of medicine and terrorism against young people throughout the city by mercenaries. The houses across from ours were constantly under falling shells and rockets. 

"From the few phone calls I receive, I have learned of those who have remained. Their lives are difficult, and the elderly sit at home. Those without passports cannot get out.

"I thank The Jewish Agency for helping us arrive in Ashkelon in peace."

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