Youths on the Gaza perimeter

As part of our information-gathering on behalf of a Canadian Jewish school that wanted to send toys to the children of Sderot, we found out quite a bit about the youth demographics of the area.

Population clusters in the region:

Sderot: 23,000 total population
Netivot: 26,000 total population
Sdot Negev Regional Council: 7,000 total population

Of the school-aged children in the region, 46% are enrolled in public schools; 44% are enrolled in religious-public schools; 10% are either homeschooled or enrolled in science-based schools.


Age     # of kids             % of population
0-5      2,340 (approx)    10%
6-12    2,571 (approx)    11%
13-18  2,340 (approx)    10% 

Total population 0-18: 7,251


Age      # of kids           % of population
0-5       2,600 (approx)   10%
6-12     3,640 (approx)    14%
13-18   2,860 (approx)    11%

Sdot Negev Regional Council

2,730 people, or 39% of the population, are 0-18 (no further age breakdown is available).

One more number to ponder is that by some estimates, as many as 75% of the kids in that region are suffering from some degree of mental and/or physical trauma as a result of the attacks.

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